Is Your Data Highly Available?

For production apps it is highly recommended that at least two data centers be used for Elasticsearch clusters. Data centers can encounter issues with availability, which is why Amazon recommends splitting applications across multiple data centers. With Elastic Cloud, your Elasticsearch cluster can be spread across as many as three separate data centers with only a few clicks. This means that short of events that have concurrent impact on several regions, your search cluster will remain available so long as multiple data centers are enabled on your Elastic Cloud cluster.

We also want to let you know that in the unlikely event of multiple data centers completely disappearing, your data is backed up to Amazon S3 every 30 minutes for an extra level of redundancy. We take backups seriously at Elastic Cloud, and we’re careful to have multiple levels of redundancy for your data. This is the case even if only a single data center is enabled on your account. Whether you have one, two, or three data centers turned on, your data is safe, though it may take a while to come back online in the event of a data-center outage with only a single data center enabled.

Elastic Cloud supports Elasticsearch’s Snapshot and Restore feature. To learn more, see Snapshot and Restore.