2.10.0 release highlightsedit

Known issuesedit

  • Upgrading Kibana configured with secure settings to version 8.11.2 leads to Kibana pods being unavailable with status Init:Error. The underlying issue shows a workaround if you are in this situation. Upgrade directly to 8.11.3 to avoid this.

New and notableedit

New and notable changes in version 2.10.0 of Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes. Check Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes version 2.10.0 for the full list of changes.

Logstash Helm Chartedit

ECK 2.10.0 supports managing Logstash resources via Helm charts, similarly to other components of the Elastic stack (see examples).

Running Elastic Agent as non-rootedit

ECK 2.10.0 supports running Elastic Agent without running the Pod as the root user (see documentation).