Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku regionsedit

A region is the geographic area where the data center of the cloud provider that hosts your deployment is located. Use the information listed here to decide which Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku region to use. Your choice should be based on:

  • Your geographic proximity to the region. Picking a region that is closer to you typically reduces latency for indexing and search requests.
  • The features that we support for the region. Not all regions support the same set of features.

Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku handles all hosting details for you, no additional accounts with the underlying cloud provider required. The region you select cannot be changed after you create a deployment. If you want to use a different region later on, you can create a new deployment and reindex your data into it.

If you are not sure what to pick, choose a region that is geographically close to you to reduce latency. You should always use HTTPS to connect to the Elastic stack components of your deployment.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) regionsedit

The following AWS regions are available:

Region Name Supports


EU (Ireland)

HTTPS only


US East (N. Virginia)

HTTPS only