Update cluster metadata settings

Any changes in the PATCHed object will be applied to the metadata object. PATCHing existing fields will cause same values to be re-applied.PATCHing a value of 'null' will cause the field to be reverted to it's default value or removed if no default value exists


PATCH /api/v1/clusters/kibana/{cluster_id}/metadata/settings

Path Parameters

cluster_id (required)
(string) Identifier for the Kibana cluster

Query Parameters

(integer) If specified then checks for conflicts against the version of the cluster metadata (returned in 'x-cloud-resource-version' of the GET request)

Request body

(ClusterMetadataSettings) (required) The cluster settings including updated values



(ClusterMetadataSettings) The cluster metadata was successfully updated


x-cloud-resource-created (string)
The date-time when the resource was created (ISO format relative to UTC)
x-cloud-resource-last-modified (string)
The date-time when the resource was last modified (ISO format relative to UTC)
x-cloud-resource-version (string)
The version of the resource - used to avoid update conflicts from multiple concurrent operations
(BasicFailedReply) The provided action was prohibited for the given cluster.
(BasicFailedReply) The cluster specified by {cluster_id} cannot be found (code: 'clusters.cluster_not_found')
(BasicFailedReply) When running as an administrator (other than root), sudo is required (code: 'root.needs_sudo')