Set cluster metadata

Advanced use only: Sets the internal cluster metadata (free-form JSON) for an Elasticsearch cluster. Must only be used to set a modified version of the JSON returned from the get version of the metadata.


POST /api/v1/clusters/elasticsearch/{cluster_id}/metadata/raw

Path parameters

cluster_id (required)
(string) The Elasticsearch cluster identifier.

Query parameters

(integer) Checks for conflicts against the metadata version, then returns the value in the x-cloud-resource-version header.

Request body

(string) (required) The freeform JSON for the cluster (should always be based on the current version retrieved from the GET)



(object) The cluster metadata was successfully changed (the updated JSON is returned)


x-cloud-resource-created (string)
The date-time when the resource was created (ISO format relative to UTC)
x-cloud-resource-last-modified (string)
The date-time when the resource was last modified (ISO format relative to UTC)
x-cloud-resource-version (string)
The version of the resource - used to avoid update conflicts from multiple concurrent operations
(BasicFailedReply) The cluster specified by {cluster_id} cannot be found (code: 'clusters.cluster_not_found')
(BasicFailedReply) elevated permissions are required. (code: '"root.needs_elevated_permissions"')