The index lifecycle management (ILM) feature that is part of the Elastic Stack 6.6 is not currently supported for Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

Bug Fixes

Elastic Cloud Enterprise version 2.1.0 includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed snapshot storage integrations. ECE 2.0 broke a number of different snapshot storage integrations, which this version fixes:

    • Minio: You can now use Minio again with Elastic Stack version 6.5 or later. If you have a deployment on on earlier versions of the Elastic Stack, upgrade the deployment to version 6.5 or later after upgrading ECE.
    • GCS: Google Cloud Storage is also supported again, without needing to allow access to Cloud APIs from the host.
    • Azure: A possible workaround to reenable Microsoft Azure Storage is still being investigated.
  • Improved checks when uploading Elastic Stack packs. ECE now perform additional checks when uploading new versions of the Elastic Stack to prevent the upload of empty ZIP files.

Release date: January 29, 2019