Elastic Cloud Enterprise 3.6.1edit

The following changes are included in this release.


Auto-upgrade system clusters. The ECE upgrade process nows upgrade system clusters in two steps. If your system clusters are not up to date with the minimum version required by the ECE release, the process first upgrades them to the latest minor version (that’s bundled with the ECE release) of their current major version. If needed, the process then upgrades the system clusters to the desired target version, which might be a newer major version.


Upgrade system clusters to version 7.17.13. System clusters have been upgraded to version 7.17.13 and 8.9.2, which contains an important security fix. See https://discuss.elastic.co/t/elasticsearch-8-9-0-7-17-13-security-update/343616 for details.

Bug fixesedit

Metricbeat disk usage collection. Fixed a bug that prevented Metricbeat from collecting disk usage statistics.