Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.4.3edit

We fixed the following bugs:

  • Moving nodes off allocators for the system-owned deployments admin-console-elasticsearch and logging-and-metrics now works as expected.
  • If you modify the auto_create_index setting from the API console to disable automatic index creation for an Elasticsearch cluster, your change now persists as expected when you restart the deployment later on.
  • Creating a hot-warm deployment with index curation enabled now works as expected. Similarly, updating index curation patterns now works correctly.
  • Opening an AppSearch link from the Cloud UI now works as expected.
  • The deployment API now deals with Elasticsearch metadata correctly.
  • The ECE installation process now waits longer for the bootstrap monitoring process to exit to avoid a timeout error.

To upgrade to your Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation to this latest version, check Upgrade your installation.

Release date: December 10, 2019