Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.3.2edit

Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.3.2 includes the following bug fixes:

  • We fixed a role permissions issue for Kibana that could break index migration during an upgrade to Elastic Stack 7.4.x.
  • To prevent overloading the logging-and-metrics cluster in very large ECE installations, such as our own hosted Elasticsearch Service, we added a range filter for queries against the cluster.
  • ECE now complies with the Elasticsearch API requirements for creating or updating native realm users. This change ensures that the ID of the new user is present in both the URL and the payload of the request.
  • The ECE upgrade script now correctly supports specifying a new Docker registry with the --docker-registry parameter. You can also change back from your own registry to the default one as expected by specifying --docker-registry docker.elastic.co.
  • We fixed the logging behavior for the ECE upgrade script to provide more output and to better reflect the upgrade process for some ECE components.
  • Deployment configuration changes now detect correctly that a Kibana instance is running when Kerberos is configured.
  • A bug that would prevent our implementation of SAML from working correctly with HTTPS is now fixed. Previously, only HTTP support would work as expected.
  • We fixed a bug that could prevent an upgrade from Elastic Stack 6.x to 7.x, if you had previously upgraded your Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation from version 1.x.
  • We fixed an omission of the CRUD user endpoints for RBAC in our RESTful API reference documentation.

To upgrade to your Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation to this latest version, check Upgrade your installation.

Release date: October 1, 2019