The following software has been tested to work with ECE:

  • One of the following Linux distributions:

  • Linux kernel 3.10 or higher
  • Docker 1.11
  • File system:

    • We recommend that you use XFS, but any file system that supports the OverlayFS storage driver used by Docker can be used.
    • XFS is required if you want to use disk space quotas for Elasticsearch data directories.
    • On RHEL and CentOS, XFS file systems must be created with the -n ftype=1 option to make sure they can work with the OverlayFS storage driver used by Docker.
  • If SELinux is enabled: Your SELinux configuration must allow mounting Docker sockets into containers (required for deployment management to work)

ECE is certified for Linux kernel 3.10 or higher and Docker 1.11. The latter is the only version of Docker Elastic recommends.

If you intend to use Docker 1.12 or higher, please note:

  • You should avoid Linux kernel version 4.4 or lower, as there is a known issue with kernel memory (kmem) accounting.
  • While ECE may work with these Docker and kernel versions, it has not been thoroughly tested with them and might have issues. Elastic will attempt to support ECE running Docker version 1.12 or higher and kernel version 4.5 or higher, but we might not be able to resolve issues related to these configurations. In such cases, you will be asked to move to a certified kernel and Docker version, so that Elastic can support you.