Allocators Not Being Used

Symptoms: You installed Elastic Cloud Enterprise on a new host and assigned it the allocator role from the command line with the --roles "allocator" parameter during installation, but new clusters are not being created on the allocator.

Resolution: The issue is caused by a token specified with the --roles-token 'TOKEN' parameter that does not have sufficient privileges to assign the role correctly. To resolve this issue, you might need to refresh the roles for the allocator.

  1. Follow the steps for assigning roles to runners, but do not change any of the assigned roles. Click Update roles.
  2. Verify that the allocator is now being used when creating new Elasticsearch clusters or moving nodes off other allocators.

To avoid this issue on future allocators you create, generate a roles token that has the right permissions for this to work, in this case the permission to assign the allocator role; the token generated during the installation on the first host will not suffice.


Do you have an allocator that shows up in the Cloud UI but remains unused even after you have completed these steps? There might not be an issue. ECE version 1.0.x takes a fill first approach to using up all available space on previously used allocators before starting to use new ones. A future version of ECE will offer a distribute first approach that ensures the distribution of Elasticsearch clusters across available allocators, including any new ones that you might have added recently.