Cloud UI, Elasticsearch, and Kibana Endpoint URLs Inaccessible on AWS

Symptoms: When you attempt to log into the Cloud UI or when you attempt to connect to an Elasticsearch or Kibana endpoint URL, the connection eventually times out with an error. The error indicates that the host cannot be reached.

Resolution: On AWS, the default URLs provided might point to a private host IP address, which is not accessible externally. To resolve this issue, use a URL for the Cloud UI that is externally accessible and update your cluster endpoint to use a public IP address for Elasticsearch and Kibana.

This issue applies only to hosts running on AWS, where both public and private IP addresses are provided.

To check if you are affected and to resolve this issue:

  1. Compare the URL you are trying to reach to the host IP address information in the AWS EC2 Dashboard.

    For example, on a Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation, the following URLs might be provided by default:

    • Cloud UI:
    • Elasticsearch:
    • Kibana:

    A quick check in the AWS EC2 Dashboard confirms that is a private IP address, which is not accessible externally:

    Private IP address information in AWS EC2 Dashboard
  2. To resolve this issue:

    • For the Cloud UI, use the public host name or public IP. In this example, the Cloud UI is accessible externally at
    • For Elasticsearch and Kibana, update your cluster endpoint to use the public IP address. In this example, you can use

      Public IP address is used for cluster endpoints in the Cloud UI