Verify Snapshots

The cluster should make a snapshot when the repository is set up, and you should see it by going to the Elasticsearch and then the Snapshots page.

As an extra verification step, you can restore a cluster using the snapshots that have been taken.

  1. Log into the Cloud UI.
  2. Get the plan from your test cluster.

    1. Go to the Elasticsearch page and then Edit.
    2. Look for the advanced deployment configuration link.
    3. The JSON is under the Plan heading.
  3. Create a new Elasticsearch cluster as your target.
  4. Visit the Advanced deployment configuration link for your new target Elasticsearch cluster. In the transient section, add restore_snapshot settings to the plan.

      "transient": {
           "restore_snapshot": {
              "repository_name": "<Minio repository name>",
              "snapshot_name": "latest_success"
  5. Save the plan to restore from the snapshot. When the plan update is complete, you should be able to see the restored indexes in your target cluster.

More details are available to restore a snapshot.