Production Environment Prerequisites

Installing Minio for production requires a high-availability configuration where Minio is running in Distributed mode.

As mentioned in the Minio documentation, you will need to have 4-16 Minio drive mounts. There is no hard limit on the number of Minio nodes. It might be convenient to place the Minio node containers on your ECE hosts to ensure you have a suitable level of availability.

Illustrated below is a sample architecture for a Large Elastic Cloud Enterprise Installation. Note there there is at least one Minio container in each availability zone.

There are a number of different ways of orchestrating the Minio deployment (Docker Compose, Kubernetes, etc.), we suggest you use the method most familiar to you.

We recommend:

  • Using a single Minio endpoint with the Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation, to simplify repository management.
  • Securing access to the Minio endpoint with TLS.
Architecture diagram