Elastic Cloud Enterprise Configuration

You can configure existing clusters, or create new ones, with the following changes to use Minio storage.

Add the Repository to the Cluster

  1. Log into the Cloud UI.
  2. Go to the Platform and then the Repositories page.
  3. Click Add Repository.
  4. From the Repository Type drop-down list, select Advanced.
  5. In the Configuration text area, provide the repository JSON. You must specify the bucket, access_key, secret_key, endpoint, and protocol.

         "type": "s3",
          "settings": {
             "bucket": "ece-backup",
             "access_key": "<your Minio AccessKey>",
             "secret_key": "<your Minio SecretKey>",
             "endpoint": "<your Minio endpoint URL>:9000",
             "protocol": "http"
Create form

Finally, submit your configuration - you should see it in the list of repositories.

Create deployment

Additional Settings for 6.x Clusters

For Elasticsearch versions 6.0 and later, after selecting the repository, you also need to set your User Settings YAML to specify the endpoint and protocol. For example:

s3.client.default.endpoint: "<your Minio endpoint>:9000"
s3.client.default.protocol: http

See the Elasticsearch S3 plugin details for more information.