Defines the topology of the Elasticsearch nodes (eg number/capacity/types of nodes, and where they can be allocated)


(object) Controls the allocation strategy of this node type using a simplified version of the Elasticsearch filter DSL (together with topology_types). NOTES: (Cannot be set for tiebreaker topologies)
memory_per_node (required)
(integer as int32) The memory capacity in MB for each node of this type built in each zone. NOTES: (Only powers of 2 starting with 1024 are supported. Will fail to allocate if too much memory is requested - use node_count_per_zone in that case to split the cluster up within a zone)
node_count_per_zone (required)
(integer as int32) The number of nodes of this type that are allocated within each zone. NOTES: (ie total capacity per zone = node_count_per_zone * memory_per_node in MB). Cannot be set for tiebreaker topologies. For dedicated master nodes, must be 1 if an entry exists
(ElasticsearchNodeType) Controls the combinations of different Elasticsearch node types (default: can be master, can hold data, can run ingest pipelines). (Cannot be set for tiebreaker topologies)
(string) Controls the allocation strategy of this node type (together with allocator_filter) by pointing to the names of pre-registered allocator filters. (Only one topology type is supported per element - use allocator_filter for more complex allocation strategies)