Scripts can be stored in indexes ('stored'), or uploaded in file bundles ('file'), or used directly in API requests ('inline'). This object controls whether scripting is enabled for the given type, together with other fine grained control parameters.


enabled (boolean)
If enabled (default: true) then scripts are enabled, either for sandboxing languages (by default), or for all installed languages if 'sandbox_mode' is disabled (or for 6.x). NOTES: (Corresponds to the parameter 'script.file|stored/indexed|inline')
sandbox_mode (boolean)
If enabled (default: true) and this script type is enabled, then only the sandbox languages are allowed. By default the sandbox languages are painless, expressions and mustache, but this can be restricted via the 'painless_enabled', 'mustache_enabled' 'expression_enabled' settings.NOTES: Not supported in 6.x. (Corresponds to the parameters 'script.engine.[painless|mustache|expressions].[file|stored|inline]')