The top level object for a deployment template.


cluster_template (CreateElasticsearchClusterRequest)
The body of the cluster template to use for creating a cluster.
description (string)
An optional description for the template.
id (string)
The unique identifier for the template.
instance_configurations (array[InstanceConfiguration])
Optional list of instance configurations used in the cluster template.
metadata (array[MetadataItem])
Optional arbitrary metadata to associate with this template.
name (string, required)
A human readable name for the template.
order (integer as int32)
Determines the order in which this template should be returned when listed. Templates are returned in ascending order. If not specified, then the template willbe appended to the end of the list.
source (ChangeSourceInfo)
Information describing the source that created or modified the template.
system_owned (boolean)
Whether or not if this is system owned template.