Snapshotting to Azure Storage for Elasticsearch 7.0 and later


Snapshotting to Azure Storage for Elasticsearch 7.0 and lateredit

These instructions apply to Elasticsearch versions 7.0 and later. If you are using an earlier version, check Snapshotting to Azure Storage for Elasticsearch 5.x and 6.4 - 6.8.

With Elastic Cloud Enterprise, you can enable your Elasticsearch clusters to regularly snapshot data to Microsoft Azure Storage.

Add the Azure repositoryedit

Add your Azure Storage Container as a repository to the platform:

  1. Log into the Cloud UI.
  2. Go to Platform > Repositories and add the following snapshot repository configuration under the advanced mode:

    If needed, set additional options for configuring chunk_size, compressions, and retries. Check the supported settings.

      "type": "azure",
      "settings": {
        "account": "AZURE STORAGE ACCOUNT NAME",
        "sas_token": "AZURE SAS_TOKEN",
        "container": "BACKUP-CONTAINER"

Snapshots are stored in the container you provide. Use the repository name you define here to configure your Elasticsearch clusters for snapshotting to this repository.

Configure your deployment for Azure snapshotsedit

To save deployment snapshots to the Azure repository:

  1. Configure your deployment to snapshot to the Azure repository.

The cluster should then have snapshots enabled and and begins snapshotting immediately. You can configure the how frequently snapshotting occurs on the Snapshots in the Elasticsearch menu.