The configuration for an Elastic Stack node type.


capacity_constraints (StackVersionInstanceCapacityConstraint)
The Elasticsearch instance, Kibana instance, APM Server capacity constraints for an Elastic Stack node type.
compatible_node_types (array[string])
Node types that are compatible with this one
description (string, required)
Description of the node type
mandatory (boolean)
Flag to specify a node type is mandatory in a cluster's plan
name (string, required)
Name of the node type
node_type (string, required)
Type of the node (master, data, …​)
settings (object)
Settings that are applied to all nodes of this type


   "capacity_constraints" : {
      "max" : 0,
      "min" : 0
   "compatible_node_types" : [
   "description" : "string",
   "mandatory" : true,
   "name" : "string",
   "node_type" : "string",
   "settings" : {}