This object is deprecated and scheduled to be removed in the next major version.


cookie_secret (string, required)
Secret string for the HTTP cookie
dashboards_base_url (string, required)
Base URL for the dashboard
disconnected_cutoff (integer as int64, required)
Cutoff interval after disconnection in milliseconds
minimum_proxy_services (integer as int32, required)
Minimum number of proxy instances
sso_settings (ProxiesSSOSettings, required)
Settings related to single-sign-on
user_cookie_key (string, required)
User key for the HTTP cookie


   "cookie_secret" : "string",
   "dashboards_base_url" : "string",
   "disconnected_cutoff" : 0,
   "minimum_proxy_services" : 0,
   "sso_settings" : {
      "cookie_name" : "string",
      "default_redirect_path" : "string",
      "dont_log_requests" : true,
      "maintenance_bypass_cookie_name" : "string",
      "max_age" : 0,
      "sso_secret" : "string"
   "user_cookie_key" : "string"