Upgrade App Search to Enterprise Searchedit

Beginning with Elastic Stack version 7.7, App Search and Workplace Search are bundled together. The two components are available as a single Elastic Enterprise Search deployment.

The process of migrating data does not require read downtime, but like a typical product upgrade it does require write downtime. To ensure data integrity during the upgrade process App Search is set to read-only mode.

We have built a nice assistant to help you migrate your App Search deployment to Enterprise Search, to enjoy all the new features it provides.

To upgrade your App Search deployment to Enterprise Search:

  1. Log into the Cloud UI.
  2. Select the App Search deployment you want to upgrade to Enterprise Search.
  3. Select Upgrade and then in the dialog that opens choose Start migration. An assistant opens to help you safely migrate to Enterprise Search.
  4. Follow the steps in the assistant:

    1. Set read-only mode. This prevents data from being written to the App Search instance while it is being migrated.
    2. Take a snapshot of your current App Search data. This can take several minutes. The assistant indicates when the snapshot has completed.
    3. Create a deployment from the snapshot. A new Enterprise Search deployment is created with all of the settings and data from the previous App Search deployment.

      Once the new Enterprise Search deployment has spun up, validate that the App Search data is available. Do any performance, functional, or other tests that you might need. Once you are ready, move to the next step.

    4. Migrate your application. Configure the credentials and URL for the new deployment in all of your applications.
  5. Finally, you can decommission the App Search deployment since you have successfully migrated to Enterprise Search with all of your data preserved.