Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.1.3edit

New for Elastic Cloud Enterprise version 1.1.3:

  • Includes Elasticsearch and Kibana version 6.1.3 and 5.6.7. Version 6.1.3 fixes a potential data loss bug when attempting a cluster configuration change. After upgrading ECE, we recommend upgrading your 6.1.x Elasticsearch clusters to version 6.1.3 immediately.
  • Bug fixes:

    • For stack versions 6.1.0 and above, Kibana now navigates to the home page when there is no data.
    • For stack versions 6.1.0 and above, fixed an issue which could result in data loss when attempting a cluster plan change (meaning any cluster configuration change, such as an upgrade or the addition of capacity).
    • Added a check that ensures the reallocation of clusters happens only after data is successfully migrated.
    • Added an internal configuration flag when starting ZooKeeper that corrects a failure during an ECE upgrade.
    • After an upgrade is completed, we now retry while removing containers that were backed up as part of the upgrade process.