The configuration template for Elasticsearch instances, Kibana instances, and APM Servers.


cpu_multiplier (number as double)
Settings for the instance CPU multiplier
description (string)
Optional description for the instance configuration
discrete_sizes (DiscreteSizes, required)
Numerics representing possible instance sizes that the instance configuration supports.
id (string)
Unique identifier for the instance configuration
instance_type (string, required)
The type of instance (elasticsearch, kibana)
max_zones (integer as int32)
The maximum number of availability zones in which this instance configuration has allocators. This field will be missing unless explicitly requested with the show_max_zones parameter.
name (string, required)
Display name for the instance configuration.
node_types (array[string])
Node types (master, data) for the instance
storage_multiplier (number as double)
Settings for the instance storage multiplier


   "cpu_multiplier" : 0.1,
   "description" : "string",
   "discrete_sizes" : {
      "default_size" : 0,
      "resource" : "string",
      "sizes" : [
   "id" : "string",
   "instance_type" : "string",
   "max_zones" : 0,
   "name" : "string",
   "node_types" : [
   "storage_multiplier" : 0.1