Capture Memcache trafficedit

The memcache section of the packetbeat.yml config file specifies configuration options for the memcache protocol. Here is a sample configuration section for memcache:

- type: memcache
  ports: [11211]
  parseunknown: false
  maxvalues: 0
  maxbytespervalue: 100
  transaction_timeout: 200
  udptransactiontimeout: 200

Configuration optionsedit

Also see Common protocol options.


When this option is enabled, it forces the memcache text protocol parser to accept unknown commands.

The unknown commands MUST NOT contain a data part.


The maximum number of values to store in the message (multi-get). All values will be base64 encoded.

The possible settings for this option are:

  • maxvalue: -1, which stores all values (text based protocol multi-get)
  • maxvalue: 0, which stores no values (default)
  • maxvalue: N, which stores up to N values


The maximum number of bytes to be copied for each value element.

Values will be base64 encoded, so the actual size in the JSON document will be 4 times the value that you specify for maxbytespervalue.


The transaction timeout in milliseconds. The defaults is 10000 milliseconds.

Quiet messages in UDP binary protocol get responses only if there is an error. The memcache protocol analyzer will wait for the number of milliseconds specified by udptransactiontimeout before publishing quiet messages. Non-quiet messages or quiet requests with an error response are published immediately.