Add Cloud Foundry metadataedit

The add_cloudfoundry_metadata processor annotates each event with relevant metadata from Cloud Foundry applications. The events are annotated with Cloud Foundry metadata, only if the event contains a reference to a Cloud Foundry application (using field and the configured Cloud Foundry client is able to retrieve information for the application.

Each event is annotated with:

  • Application Name
  • Space ID
  • Space Name
  • Organization ID
  • Organization Name

Pivotal Application Service and Tanzu Application Service include this metadata in all events from the firehose since version 2.8. In these cases the metadata in the events is used, and add_cloudfoundry_metadata processor doesn’t modify these fields.

For efficient annotation, application metadata retrieved by the Cloud Foundry client is stored in a persistent cache on the filesystem under the directory. This is done so the metadata can persist across restarts of Packetbeat. For control over this cache, use the cache_duration and cache_retry_delay settings.

  - add_cloudfoundry_metadata:
      client_id: uaa-filebeat
      client_secret: verysecret
        verification_mode: none
      # To connect to Cloud Foundry over verified TLS you can specify a client and CA certificate.
      #  certificate_authorities: ["/etc/pki/cf/ca.pem"]
      #  certificate:              "/etc/pki/cf/cert.pem"
      #  key:                      "/etc/pki/cf/cert.key"

It has the following settings:

(Optional) The URL of the Cloud Foundry API. It uses by default.
(Optional) The URL of the Cloud Foundry Doppler Websocket. It uses value from ${api_address}/v2/info by default.
(Optional) The URL of the Cloud Foundry UAA API. It uses value from ${api_address}/v2/info by default.
(Optional) The URL of the Cloud Foundry RLP Gateway. It uses value from ${api_address}/v2/info by default.
Client ID to authenticate with Cloud Foundry.
Client Secret to authenticate with Cloud Foundry.
(Optional) Maximum amount of time to cache an application’s metadata. Defaults to 120 seconds.
(Optional) Time to wait before trying to obtain an application’s metadata again in case of error. Defaults to 20 seconds.
(Optional) SSL configuration to use when connecting to Cloud Foundry.