MongoDb fieldsedit

MongoDB-specific event fields. These fields mirror closely the fields for the MongoDB wire protocol. The higher level fields (for example, query and resource) apply to MongoDB events as well.


If the MongoDB request has resulted in an error, this field contains the error message returned by the server.


The full collection name. The full collection name is the concatenation of the database name with the collection name, using a dot (.) for the concatenation. For example, for the database foo and the collection bar, the full collection name is


Sets the number of documents to omit - starting from the first document in the resulting dataset - when returning the result of the query.

type: long


The requested maximum number of documents to be returned.

type: long


The number of documents in the reply.

type: long


Where in the cursor this reply is starting.


A JSON document that represents the query. The query will contain one or more elements, all of which must match for a document to be included in the result set. Possible elements include $query, $orderby, $hint, $explain, and $snapshot.


A JSON document that limits the fields in the returned documents. The returnFieldsSelector contains one or more elements, each of which is the name of a field that should be returned, and the integer value 1.


A BSON document that specifies the query for selecting the document to update or delete.


A BSON document that specifies the update to be performed. For information on specifying updates, see the Update Operations documentation from the MongoDB Manual.


The cursor identifier returned in the OP_REPLY. This must be the value that was returned from the database.