Statsd moduleedit

The statsd module is a Metricbeat module which spawns a UDP server and listens for metrics in StatsD compatible format.

Metric typesedit

The module supports the following types of metrics:

Counter (c)
Measurement which accumulates over period of time until flushed (value set to 0).
Gauge (g)
Measurement which can increase, decrease or be set to a value.
Timer (ms)
Time measurement (in milliseconds) of an event.
Histogram (h)
Time measurement, alias for timer.
Set (s)
Measurement which counts unique occurrences until flushed (value set to 0).

Module-specific configuration notesedit

The statsd module has these additional config options:

It defines how long a metric will be reported after it was last recorded. Irrespective of the given ttl, metrics will be reported at least once. A ttl of zero means metrics will never expire.
It defines how metrics will mapped from the original metric label to the event json. Here’s an example configuration:
  - metric: 'ti_failures' 
      field: task_failures 
  - metric: '<job_name>_start' 
      - attr: job_name 
        field: job_name 
      field: started 

metric, required: the label key of the metric in statsd, either as a exact match string or as a template with named label placeholder in the format <label_placeholder>

value.field, required: field name where to save the metric value in the event json

label[].attr, required when using named label placeholder: reference to the named label placeholder defined in metric

label[].field, required when using named label placeholder field name where to save the named label placeholder value from the template in the event json