Stan moduleedit

The STAN module uses STAN monitoring server APIs to collect metrics.

The default metricsets are channels, stats and subscriptions.


The STAN module is tested with STAN 0.15.1.


Dashboards for topic message count and queue depth are included:

metricbeat stan overview

Example configuration

The Stan module supports the standard configuration options that are described in Modules. Here is an example configuration:

- module: stan
  metricsets: ["stats", "channels", "subscriptions"]
  period: 60s
  hosts: ["localhost:8222"]
  #stats.metrics_path: "/streaming/serverz"
  #channels.metrics_path: "/streaming/channelsz"
  #subscriptions.metrics_path: "/streaming/channelsz" # we retrieve streaming subscriptions with a detailed query param to the channelsz endpoint

This module supports TLS connections when using ssl config field, as described in SSL. It also supports the options described in Standard HTTP config options.


The following metricsets are available: