Docker event metricsetedit

This is the event metricset of the module docker.

This is a default metricset. If the host module is unconfigured, this metricset is enabled by default.


For a description of each field in the metricset, see the exported fields section.

Here is an example document generated by this metricset:

    "@timestamp": "2017-10-12T08:05:34.853Z",
    "agent": {
        "hostname": "",
        "name": ""
    "docker": {
        "event": {
            "action": "pull",
            "actor": {
                "attributes": {
                    "name": "busybox"
                "id": "busybox:latest"
            "from": "",
            "id": "busybox:latest",
            "status": "pull",
            "type": "image"
    "event": {
        "dataset": "event",
        "module": "docker"
    "service": {
        "type": "docker"