Grant privileges and roles needed for publishingedit

Users who publish events to Elasticsearch need to create and write to Metricbeat indices. To minimize the privileges required by the writer role, use the setup role to pre-load dependencies. This section assumes that you’ve run the setup.

When using ILM, turn off the ILM setup check in the Metricbeat config file before running Metricbeat to publish events:

setup.ilm.check_exists: false

To grant the required privileges:

  1. Create a writer role, called something like metricbeat_writer, that has the following privileges:

    The monitor cluster privilege and the create_doc privilege on metricbeat-* indices are required in every configuration.

    Type Privilege Purpose



    Retrieve cluster details (e.g. version)



    Read the ILM policy when connecting to clusters that support ILM. Not needed when setup.ilm.check_exists is false.


    create_doc on metricbeat-* indices

    Write events into Elasticsearch

    Omit any privileges that aren’t relevant in your environment.

  2. Assign the writer role to users who will index events into Elasticsearch.