Beats version 8.6.2edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix lockfile logic, retry locking 34194
  • Log errors from the Elastic Agent V2 client errors channel. Avoids blocking when error occurs communicating with the Elastic Agent. 34392
  • Only log publish event messages in trace log level under elastic-agent. 34391
  • Fix issue where updating a single Elastic Agent configuration unit results in other units being turned off. 34504


Filebeat - [Azure blob storage] Changed logger field name from container to container_name so that it does not clash - [GCS] Added support for more mime types & introduced offset tracking via cursor state. Also added support for - [httpsjon] Improved error handling during pagination with chaining & split processor 34127 - Fix EOF on single line not producing any event. 30436 33568 - Fix handling of error in states in direct aws-s3 listing input 33513 33722 - Fix httpjson input page number initialization and documentation. 33400 - Fix reporting of in log events such that the current value is always reported instead of the difference from the last value. 33597 - Fix splitting array of strings/arrays in httpjson input 30345 33609 - Fix Google workspace pagination and document ID generation. 33666 - Update mito CEL extension library to v0.0.0-20221207004749-2f0f2875e464 33974 - [azure-eventhub input] Switch the run EPH run mode to non-blocking 34075 - Fixing system tests not returning expected content encoding for azure blob storage input. 34412 - [Azure Logs] Fix authentication_processing_details parsing in sign-in logs. 34330 34478

Heartbeat - Fix broken zip URL monitors. NOTE: Zip URL Monitors will be removed in version 8.7 and replaced with project monitors. 33723 - Fix bug where states.duration_ms was incorrect type. 33563 - Fix handling of long UDP messages in UDP input. 33836 33837 - Fix beat capabilities on Docker image. 33584 - Fix serialization of state duration to avoid scientific notation. 34280 - Enable nodejs engine strict validation when bundling synthetics. 34470


  • Fix metrics split through different events and metadata not matching for aws cloudwatch. 34483
  • Fix metadata enricher with correct container ids for pods with multiple containers in container metricset. Align and fields for state_container metricset. 34516


  • Fixed a race condition in Packetbeat that could cause crashes or instability 34514



  • Added support for HTTP destination override to Google Cloud Storage input. 34413