Beats version 1.3.0edit

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  • Undocumented support for following symlinks is deprecated. Filebeat will not follow symlinks in version 5.0. 1767


Affecting all Beats

  • Fix beats load balancer deadlock if max_retries: -1 or publish_async is enabled in filebeat. 1829
  • Fix output modes backoff counter reset. 1803 1814 1818
  • Set logstash output default bulk_max_size to 2048. 1662
  • Seed random number generator using crypto.rand package. 1503
  • Check stdout being available when console output is configured. 2063


  • Add missing nil-check to memcached GapInStream handler. 1162
  • Fix NFSv4 Operation returning the first found first-class operation available in compound requests. 1821
  • Fix TCP overlapping segments not being handled correctly. 1917


Affecting all Beats

  • Updated to Go 1.7