Beats version 8.6.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix unnecessarily restarting every time a new configuration was received from the Elastic Agent. 34346

Filebeat - [google_workspace] Fix pagination and cursor value update. 34274 - Fix handling of quoted values in auditd module. 22587 34069 - The close.on_state_change.inactive default value is now set to 5 minutes, matching the documentation. - Fix handling of null or empty arrays during split with keep parent option. 34322


  • Support Oracle-specific connection strings in SQL module 32089 32293
  • Remove deprecated metrics from controller manager, scheduler and proxy 34161


  • Fix data_stream configuration, enforce the default values used before 8.6.0. 34246


  • Corrects issue with security events with source IP of "LOCAL" or "Unknown" failing to ingest 19627 34295



  • Allow user configuration of keep-alive behaviour for HTTPJSON and CEL inputs. 33951 34014
  • [GCS] Added support for more mime types & introduced offset tracking via cursor state. Also added support for automatic splitting at root level, if root level element is an array. 34155