Beats version 8.13.3edit

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Breaking changesedit

Metricbeat - Setting period for counter cache for Prometheus remote_write to at least to 60 seconds. 38553


Affecting all Beats - Change cache processor documentation from write_period to write_interval. 38561 - Fix cache processor expiries heap cleanup on partial file writes. 38561 - Fix cache processor expiries infinite growth when large a large TTL is used and recurring keys are cached. 38561 - Fix parsing of RFC 3164 process IDs in syslog processor. 38947 38982


  • Fix indexing failures by re-enabling event normalisation in netflow input. 38703 38780
  • Fix config validation for CEL and HTTPJSON inputs when using password grant authentication and or client.secret are not present. 38962
  • Updated Websocket input title to align with existing inputs. 39006
  • [threatintel] MISP splitting fix for empty responses. 38739 38917
  • Restore netflow input on Windows. 39024


Affecting all Beats

  • Update Go version to 1.21.9. {pulk}38727[38727]
  • The environment variable BEATS_ADD_CLOUD_METADATA_PROVIDERS overrides configured/default add_cloud_metadata providers. 38669


  • Add process data to file events (Linux only, eBPF backend). 38199
  • Add container id to file events (Linux only, eBPF backend). 38328


  • Add new fields to configure the lease duration, retry and renew when using leader elector with Kubernetes autodiscover.[38471]