Beats version 8.11.2edit

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Breaking changesedit

Affecting all Beats

  • Avoid logging fields values when handling Elasticsearch output errors except at the debug log level. The debug log level must now be used to see detailed errors, for example mapping errors and their cause. 37229


Affecting all Beats - Fix memqueue producer blocking indefinitely even after being cancelled. 22813 37077


  • Fix documentation regarding socket type selection. 37174 37175
  • Fix guess trigger for system/socket credentials on newer kernels. 36905 37136


  • Do not error when Okta API returns no data. 37092
  • Fix request body close behaviour in HTTP_Endpoint when handling GZIP compressed content. 37091
  • Make CEL input now global evaluate to a time in UTC. 37159


  • Fix mapping errors with invalid URLs. 37255


  • Fix memory leak on Windows 37142 37171
  • Enhance Azure Metrics metricset with refined grouping logic and resolved duplication issues for TSDB compatibility. 36823
  • Fix unintended skip in metric collection on Azure Monitor. 37204 37203
  • Fix the "api-version query parameter (?api-version=) is required for all requests" error in Azure Billing. 37158
  • add_cloud_metadata: fix the orchestrator metadata for the aws cloud provider



Affecting all Beats

  • Upgrade to Go 1.20.11. 37123