Beats version 7.8.1edit

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Breaking changesedit


  • Adds check on <no value> config option value for the azure input resource_manager_endpoint. 18890


Affecting all Beats

  • The monitoring.elasticsearch.api_key value is correctly base64-encoded before being sent to the monitoring Elasticsearch cluster. 18939 18945
  • Fix kafka topic setting not allowing upper case characters. 18854 18640
  • Fix redis key setting not allowing upper case characters. 18854 18640


  • system/package: Fix librpm loading on Fedora 31/32. NNNN


  • Fix date and timestamp formats for fortigate module 19316
  • Fix googlecloud.audit pipeline to only take in fields that are explicitly defined by the dataset. 18465 18472
  • Fix a rate limit related issue in httpjson input for Okta module. 18530 18534
  • Fix tls mapping in suricata module 19492 19494


  • Set tags correctly if the dimension value is ARN 19111 19433
  • Fix bug incorrect parsing of float numbers as integers in Couchbase module 18949 19055
  • Add missing info about the rest of the azure metricsets in the documentation. 19601



  • Add support for timezone offsets and Z to decode_cef timestamp parser. 19346