Beats version 7.15.2edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Beats dashboards use custom index when setup.dashboards.index is set. 21232 27901
  • Fix handling of float data types within processors. 28279 28280
  • Allow clone3 syscall in seccomp filters. 28117
  • Remove unnecessary escaping step in dashboard loading, so they can be displayed in Kibana. 28395
  • Fix AWS proxy_url config from url to string type. 28725
  • Fix fingerprint processor to give it access to the @timestamp field. 28683


  • Fix initialization of http client in Cloudfoundry input. 28271 28277
  • Fix aws-s3 input by checking if GetObject API call response content type exists. 28457
  • Set url as a pointer in the httpjson template context to ensure access to all methods. 28695
  • Fix google_workspace documentation links. 28657


  • Divide RDS metric by 100. 28456


  • Handle truncated DNS records more gracefully. 21495 28297
  • Fix data stream name for network flows when running under Elastic Agent and Fleet. 28408