Beats version 6.7.2edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Relax validation of the X-Pack license UID value. 11640
  • Fix a parsing error with the X-Pack license check on 32-bit system. 11650
  • Fix OS family classification in add_host_metadata for Amazon Linux, Raspbian, and RedHat Linux. 9134 11494
  • Fix false positives reported in the host.containerized field added by add_host_metadata. 11494
  • Fix the add_host_metadata’s field on older Linux versions. 11494


  • Package dataset: dlopen versioned librpm shared objects. 11565
  • Package dataset: Nullify Librpm’s rpmsqEnable. 11628


  • Don’t apply multiline rules in Logstash json logs. 11346
  • Fix goroutine leak happening when harvesters are dynamically stopped. 11263
  • Fix initialization of the TCP input logger. 11605


  • Prevent the docker/memory metricset from processing invalid events before container start 11676



  • Add support to the system package dataset for the SUSE OS family. 11634