Beats version 6.4.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Add backoff support to x-pack monitoring outputs. 7966
  • Removed execute permissions systemd unit file. 7873
  • Fix a race condition with the add_host_metadata and the event serialization. 8223
  • Enforce that data used by k8s or docker doesn’t use any reference. 8240
  • Implement CheckConfig in RunnerFactory to make autodiscover check configs 7961
  • Make kubernetes autodiscover ignore events with empty container IDs 7971


  • Fixed a concurrent map write panic in the auditd module. 8158
  • Fixed the RPM by designating the config file as configuration data in the RPM spec. 8075


  • Fixed a docker input error due to the offset update bug in partial log join.[8177]
  • Update CRI format to support partial/full tags. 8265


  • Fixed the location of the modules.d dir in Deb and RPM packages. 8104
  • Fixed the RPM by designating the modules.d config files as configuration data in the RPM spec. 8075
  • Fix golang.heap.gc.cpu_fraction type from long to float in Golang module. 7789


  • Added missing cmdline and client_cmdline fields to index template. 8258