Beats version 6.0.0-alpha2edit

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Breaking changesedit


  • Rename input_type field to prospector.type 4294
  • The @metadata.type field, added by the Logstash output, is now hardcoded to doc and will be removed in future versions. 4331.


Affecting all Beats

  • Fix importing the dashboards when the limit for max open files is too low. 4244
  • Fix configuration documentation for kubernetes processor 4313
  • Fix misspelling in add_locale configuration option for abbreviation.


  • Fix race condition on harvester stopping with reloading enabled. 3779
  • Fix recursive glob config parsing and resolution across restarts. 4269
  • Allow string characters in user agent patch version (NGINX and Apache) 4415
  • Fix grok pattern in filebeat module system/auth without hostname. 4224


  • Set correct format for percent fields in memory module. 4619
  • Fix a debug statement that said a module wrapper had stopped when it hadn’t. 4264
  • Use MemAvailable value from /proc/meminfo on Linux 3.14. 4316
  • Fix panic when events were dropped by filters. 4327
  • Add filtering to system filesystem metricset to remove relative mountpoints like those from Linux network namespaces. 4370
  • Remove unnecessary print statement in schema apis. 4355
  • Fix type of field 4407

Packetbeat - Enable memcache filtering only if a port is specified in the config file. 4335 - Enable memcache filtering only if a port is specified in the config file. 4335


Affecting all Beats

  • Upgraded to Golang 1.8.3. 4401
  • Added the possibility to set Elasticsearch mapping template settings from the Beat configuration file. 4284 4317
  • Add a variable to the SysV init scripts to make it easier to change the user. 4340
  • Add the option to write the generated Elasticsearch mapping template into a file. 4323
  • Add instance_name in GCE add_cloud_metadata processor. 4414
  • Add add_docker_metadata processor. 4352
  • Add logging.files permissions option. 4295

Filebeat - Added ability to sort harvested files. 4374 - Add experimental Redis slow log prospector type. 4180


  • Add macOS implementation of the system diskio metricset. 4144
  • Add process_summary metricset that records high level metrics about processes. 4231
  • Add kube-state-metrics based metrics to kubernetes module 4253
  • Add debug logging to Jolokia JMX metricset. 4341
  • Add events metricset for kubernetes metricbeat module 4315
  • Change Metricbeat default configuration file to be better optimized for most users. 4329
  • Add experimental RabbitMQ module. 4394
  • Add Kibana dashboard for the Kubernetes modules. 4138




Affecting all Beats

  • The @metadata.type field, added by the Logstash output, is deprecated, hardcoded to doc and will be removed in future versions. 4331.


  • Deprecate input_type prospector config. Use type config option instead. 4294

Known Issueedit

  • If the Elasticsearch output is not enabled, but setup.template options are present (like it’s the case in the default Metricbeat configuration), the Beat stops with an error: "Template loading requested but the Elasticsearch output is not configured/enabled". To avoid this error, disable the template loading explicitly setup.template.enabled: false.