Beats version 5.6.9edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix a type issue when specifying certicate authority when using the import_dashboards command. 6678


  • Fix http status phrase parsing not allow spaces. 5312
  • Fix http parse to allow to parse get request with space in the URI. 5495
  • Fix mysql SQL parser to trim \r from Windows Server SELECT\r\n\t1. 5572
  • Fix corruption when parsing repeated headers in an HTTP request or response. 6325
  • Fix panic when parsing partial AMQP messages. 6384
  • Fix out of bounds access to slice in MongoDB parser. 6256
  • Fix sniffer hanging on exit under Linux. 6535
  • Fix bounds check error in http parser causing a panic. 6750
  • HTTP parses successfully on empty status phrase. 6176
  • HTTP parser supports broken status line. 6631