Beats version 5.5.0edit

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Breaking changesedit

Affecting all Beats

  • Usage of field _type is now ignored and hardcoded to doc. 3757

Metricbeat - Change all system.cpu.*.pct metrics to be scaled by the number of CPU cores. This will make the CPU usage percentages from the system cpu metricset consistent with the system process metricset. The documentation for these metrics already stated that on multi-core systems the percentages could be greater than 100%. 4544


Affecting all Beats

  • Fix console output. 4045


  • Allow string characters in user agent patch version (NGINX and Apache) 4415


  • Fix type of field 4407


  • Fix packetbeat.interface options that contain underscores (e.g. with_vlans or bpf_filter). 4378
  • Enabled /proc/net/tcp6 scanning and fixed ip v6 parsing. 4442



  • Deprecate document_type prospector config option as _type is removed in elasticsearch 6.0. Use fields instead. 4225


  • Deprecated metrics endpoint. It is superseded by a libbeat feature that can serve metrics on an HTTP endpoint. 4145