Beats version 5.2.0edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix overwriting explicit empty config sections. 2918


  • Fix alignment issue were Filebeat compiled with Go 1.7.4 was crashing on 32 bits system. 3273


  • Fix service times-out at startup. 3056
  • Kafka module case sensitive host name matching. 3193
  • Fix interface conversion panic in couchbase module 3272


  • Fix issue where some Cassandra visualizations were showing data from all protocols. 3314


Affecting all Beats

  • Add support for passing list and dictionary settings via -E flag.
  • Support for parsing list and dictionary setting from environment variables.
  • Added new flags to import_dashboards (-cacert, -cert, -key, -insecure). 3139 3163
  • The limit for the number of fields is increased via the mapping template. 3275
  • Updated to Go 1.7.4. 3277
  • Added a NOTICE file containing the notices and licenses of the dependencies. 3334.


  • First release, containing monitors for ICMP, TCP, and HTTP.


  • Add enabled config option to prospectors. 3157
  • Add target option for decoded_json_field. 3169


  • Kafka module broker matching enhancements. 3129
  • Add a couchbase module with metricsets for node, cluster and bucket. 3081
  • Export number of cores for CPU module. 3192
  • Experimental Prometheus module. 3202
  • Add system socket module that reports all TCP sockets. 3246
  • Kafka consumer groups metricset. 3240
  • Add jolokia module with dynamic jmx metricset. 3570


  • Reduced amount of memory allocated while reading event log records. 3113 3118