Beats version 5.0.0-GAedit

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The list below covers the changes between 5.0.0-rc1 and 5.0.0 GA only.


Affecting all Beats

  • Fix kafka output re-trying batches with too large events. 2735
  • Fix kafka output protocol error if version: 0.10 is configured. 2651
  • Fix kafka output connection closed by broker on SASL/PLAIN. 2717


  • Fix high CPU usage on macOS when encountering processes with long command lines. 2747
  • Fix high value of and system.memory.actual.used. 2653
  • Change several OpenProcess calls on Windows to request the lowest possible access privilege. 1897
  • Fix high value on Windows. 2653


  • Fix issue when clean_removed and clean_inactive were used together that states were not directly removed from the registry.
  • Fix issue where upgrading a 1.x registry file resulted in duplicate state entries. 2792


Affecting all Beats

  • Add beat.version fields to all events.