Config file ownership and permissions


Config file ownership and permissionsedit

This section does not apply to Windows or other non-POSIX operating systems.

On systems with POSIX file permissions, all Beats configuration files are subject to ownership and file permission checks. The purpose of these checks is to prevent unauthorized users from providing or modifying configurations that are run by the Beat. The owner of the configuration files must be either root or the user who is executing the Beat process. The permissions on each file must disallow writes by anyone other than the owner.

When installed via an RPM or DEB package, the config file at /etc/{beatname}/{beatname}.yml will have the proper owner and permissions. The file is owned by root and has file permissions of 0644 (-rw-r--r--).

You may encounter the following errors if your config file fails these checks:

Exiting: error loading config file: config file ("{beatname}.yml") must be
owned by the beat user (uid=501) or root

To correct this problem you can use either chown root {beatname}.yml or chown 501 {beatname}.yml to change the owner of the configuration file.

Exiting: error loading config file: config file ("{beatname}.yml") can only be
writable by the owner but the permissions are "-rw-rw-r--" (to fix the
permissions use: 'chmod go-w /etc/{beatname}/{beatname}.yml')

To correct this problem, use chmod go-w /etc/{beatname}/{beatname}.yml to remove write privileges from anyone other than the owner.

Other config files, such as the files in the modules.d directory, are subject to the same ownership and file permission checks.

Disabling strict permission checksedit

You can disable strict permission checks from the command line by using --strict.perms=false, but we strongly encourage you to leave the checks enabled.