Beats version 8.1.2edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Add more descriptive error logs for common connection failures in Kafka inputs / outputs. 30776


  • Fix add_kubernetes_metadata matcher: support rotated logs when resource_type: pod 30720


  • packetbeat: Fix timeout error in af_packet capture mode. 30731 30822 30882



  • Generate summary documents for journeys which exit successfully, but do not emit journey/end events 30825

Known Issueedit

Affecting all Beats

  • During setup the Beat does not load the data stream. Thus, when running the Beat with a user that does not have enough privileges, publishing fails with the following error: action [indices:admin/auto_create] is unauthorized for user [publisher] with roles [publisher], this action is granted by the index privileges [auto_configure,create_index,manage,all]. The workaround is to either install the data stream manually using the following call: PUT /_data_stream/{beatname}-8.1 or to give manage permission on the data stream {beatname}-8.1 to the publishing user temporarily. 30647 31048