Beats version 7.7.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Fix keystore add command hanging on Windows. 18649 18654


  • Unescape filenames in SQS messages to resolve file paths correctly. 18370
  • Improve failure handler for Cisco ASA and FTD pipelines to avoid mapping temporary fields. 18391 18392
  • Fix source.address field not being set for the Nginx ingress_controller fileset. 18511
  • Fix Google Cloud audit fileset to only take in fields that are explicitly defined by the fileset. 18465 18472
  • Fix rate limit related issue in the httpjson input for the Okta module. 18530 18534
  • Fix Cisco ASA and FTD parsing errors caused by NAT fields that contain a hostname instead of an IP. 14034 18376
  • Fix PANW module to use correct mappings for bytes and packets counters. 18522 18525
  • Fix Office 365 ingest failures caused by IP addresses surrounded by square brackets. 18587 18591


  • Fix tags_filter setting to work correctly for the AWS cloudwatch metricset. 18524



  • Add support for Google Application Default Credentials to the Google Pub/Sub input and Google Cloud modules. 15668
  • Make decode_cef processor GA. 17944