Beats version 7.5.2edit

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Breaking changesedit


  • Remove broken dashboard. 15288


Affecting all Beats

  • Fix convert processor conversion of string to integer with leading zeros. 15513 15557


  • Check content-type when creating new reader in s3 input. 15252 15225
  • Fix session reset detection and a crash in Netflow input. 14904
  • netflow: Allow for options templates without scope fields. 15449
  • netflow: Fix bytes/packets counters on some devices (NSEL and Netstream). 15449
  • netflow: Fix compatibility with some Cisco devices by changing the field class_id from short to long. 15449
  • Fix dashboard for Cisco ASA Firewall. 15420 15553


  • Fix regular expression to detect instance name in perfmon metricset. 14273 14666
  • Fix docker.container.size fields values 14979 15224
  • Make kibana module more resilient to Kibana unavailability. 15258 15270
  • Fix panic exception with some unicode strings in perfmon metricset. 15264
  • Make logstash module more resilient to Logstash unavailability. 15276 15306


Affecting all Beats

  • Add a friendly log message when a request to docker has exceeded the deadline. 15336


  • Include log.source.address for unparseable syslog messages. 13268 15453