Beats version 7.4.1edit

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Affecting all Beats

  • Recover from panics in the javascript process and log details about the failure to aid in future debugging. 13690
  • Make the script processor concurrency-safe. 13690 13857


  • Fixed early expiration of templates (Netflow v9 and IPFIX). 13821
  • Fixed bad handling of sequence numbers when multiple observation domains were exported by a single device (Netflow V9 and IPFIX). 13821
  • cisco asa and ftd filesets: Fix parsing of message 106001. 13891 13903
  • Fix merging of fields specified in global scope with fields specified under an input’s scope. 3628 13909
  • Fix delay in enforcing close_renamed and close_removed options. 13488 13907
  • Fix missing netflow fields in index template. 13768 13914
  • Fix cisco module’s asa and ftd filesets parsing of domain names where an IP address is expected. 14034


  • Mark Kibana usage stats as collected only if API call succeeds. 13881